Trasnfers Rumors: Forward

It has already started the preseason and still waiting some reinforcement. In this post, we have to focus on the center forward position, where the circle appears to have been reduced to three names: Higuaín, Luis Suárez and Rooney.

The arrival of any of these three players will jump to the template quality. The three have indicated their desire to leave their clubs of origin.

Higuaín: The Argentine player of Real Madrid has been the clearest in their statements. At the end of last season, I leave very clear their intention to leave the club and look for new challenges. The best located club initially was Juventus of Turin, but after the signing of his compatriot, Carlos Tevez, the Italian club lost its interest. The father of the player seems to indicate in various media that negotiations are advanced, and transfer could appear in a total of 22M pounds. Contribute to goals, it’s very sacrificed and not usually save effort in the outlet of the opposing team ball pressure. They can hold the ball, falling into either of the two bands. Intelligent in its interact. Fast with the ball at the feet. Critics indicate that it does not appear in the important matches, but statistics indicate otherwise.

Suárez: A complicated end of the season that the Uruguayan international Liverpool, has had has dismissed what was a great season. The incident with Chelsea, Ivanovic, player put brake career scorer of Premiere (Van Persei 26) and posibkemente to the most outstanding player of the season. Although the intention of the player would be out of England (a possible interest from Real Madrid is rumored) the player to this inability would not with bad eyes exit to another club in the Islands (Arsenal and City). It has the goal between the eyes. Its objective is the goal, which occasionally leads him to be selfish. Good handling of the ball with both feet. Strong and fast. Good taker. Capacity of dodge. Defensive level is usually disconnected at times. The problem could be your character, although I believe that in the hands of Arsene, this continues to be a triviality.

Rooney: After a rather unfortunate last season, with problems of costumes with Sir Alex, the player has expressed his intention to leave. The war this open and best located seems to be Chelsea, although the arrival of Moyes to the United can do to change the opinion of the English International. The options that come with the Arsenal not are few and the player can fit perfectly on the tactical system of Arsene Wenger. His first touch game, his defensive sacrifice and its beating are three undeniable features, which fit perfectly. Their scorers figures her place among the greats of Europe. With 27 years has played nearly 500 official parties, which speak of the career player. Undoubtedly the signing of the player would be a big leap in quality.

Without a doubt, the arrival of any of the three will make vibrate the Emirates. If we have to opt, our ranking would be: Rooney, Suarez and Higuain, although any satisfies us.

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